Old Seoul Station Restoration Exhibition

The room used to be a barber shop in the station. Vestige of hairdresser's mirror is imprinted on the wall. Initial plan by the restoration project team had this wall to be plastered with stucco and redecorated into "original state" of 1925. We put a stop to it and tried to show the layers of time by floating a contemporary black steel plane 150mm proud of original masonry wall. Same distancing strategy was applied to the floor edges, beacuse no baseboard detail is more sad than having an old rough masonry wall drown into perfect self-leveled concrete floor. Light-filled gap between the two different wall materials translate 80years of time into 150mm of space (with nice lighting effect on the brick wall!)

During the restoration of Seoul Station, all wooden door and window frames had been replaced with new for waterproofing and insulation purposes. The old dismantled frames were to be thrown away. However, However, it's the old dismantled frames that shows the now-lost craftmanship of early 20th century in their joinery details. I decided to reuse these frames as display vitrines which otherwise would have been thrown away. The frame is now more display-worthy than the content it holds, and we saved money from constructing a new vitrine.