Factory at Chungchundong, Inchon

Site: Chungchundong Bupyunggu, Inchon

Floor Area: 1000 pyong (3300m2)

Collaboration: Maroo, Yang Insung

The client corporation, now a major tool company with branches and subsidiaries around the world, had a humble beginning. The company first opened it's business at a small run-down shed structure located on this site. The site needed major redevelopment and transformation into a new production facility with more area maximizing the potential of the real estate.

While maximizing the Floor-to-Area Ratio available by building code, there was a possibility of reserving a double-story level as a product display hall. The hall takes and inversed form of the first factory which will get demolished from the new construction. By tracing the outline of the old factory volume and inversing it into a negative subtracted space, the factory gains not only a new display hall, but a multi-funtional space that commemorates and traces back to the company's spirit and its humble beginning.